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Interior Design



Senior Interior Designer

Born in Italy and raised in the Caribbean and the South of France, Merinda has travelled extensively. She draws on this unique experience to create timeless, functional interiors that capture her client’s individual personalities.

Having worked across many interior design specialties, including aged care and commercial, Merinda quickly found her passion lay in residential interiors. Merinda believes our environment has a profound impact on our state of mind and seeks to create a sense of comfort and wellbeing for each client by reflecting their psyche in the interior solution. Answering the client’s brief and guiding them through the interior design process to make informed decisions is a priority.

A high level of personal consultation ensures the design not only incorporates the client’s views, but is suited to their specific needs and lifestyle.

Recognised for her professional and warm approach, Merinda takes pride in her ability to connect with her clients and quickly ascertain their individual needs.

Merinda is a member of the Design Institute of Australia, holding both a Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration and a specialised Colour Design Diploma.

Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration
Colour Design Diploma

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Mobile: (02) 9450 1950