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Mosman Sky



A contemporary makeover opened the interiors of this classic Federation home to expansive views, and further grounded the property in its prestigious Mosman setting.

A beautifully preserved example of early 1900s Federation style housing, Mosman Sky was also primed for renovation. Her once elegant interiors comprising multiple unique enclosed living spaces were now outdated, and irreconcilably incompatible with the kind of lifestyle that a home of this scale and location should afford.

Ideally positioned in an elevated location with a panoramic outlook across the canopies to the lights of North Sydney, the focus of our brief was to reconfigure the home in such a way to optimise space, natural light, and connection with environment, whilst opening more of the interior to the spectacular surrounding view.

On the main living level we combined kitchen, living, dining, sitting and laundry, and scaled the existing windows to create a beautiful light filled open plan space. New bi-fold doors opened onto an expanded timber deck surrounded by foliage, dappling the natural tones of the exterior palette, with soft afternoon light.

The addition of a loft level built into the original roof cavity, added the final touch to the interior conversion, housing the main bedroom and ensuite, with its own private deck at sky level, in addition to a generous study/ fifth bedroom space.

The interiors of the home were kept fresh and contemporary with a minimal palette, clean whites and soft tones in various textures contrasting with timber floorboards, keeping the focus on the glimpses of nature through every window, strongly connecting the home with its long-hidden surrounds.

At the ground level, the home’s utilities spaces and cellar were given a refresh before we turned our attention outdoors, transforming the neglected terrace, pool and garden to a sleek and sophisticated entertainment space.

Our brief included refreshing the exterior of the home consistent with the interior makeover, and here we were thrilled to enhance some of the original Federation features.

Using a similar palette to the interior, we successfully melded the home with its environment, echoing the tones and textures of landscape, trees and sky.

The original shingle roof detail came to life with fresh paintwork, and was beautifully replicated on the loft extension, making it seem as though it had belonged, an integral part of the home for some time.

Extensive stonework to the home’s exterior and surroundings was upgraded, entryways reconsidered, fresh white picket fencing added, and green space landscaped consistent with Mosman Sky’s naturally leafy surrounds.