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Northern Aspect

Palm Beach


Northern Aspect is a new house located at the southern end of Palm Beach. It is oriented to the north and commands a dramatic view along the length of the beach and to the lighthouse beyond.

It is a 7-bedroom house, with sun drenched outdoor terraces and lawns overlooking the beach. It also features a large internal garage, a sought-after asset in this location through the bustling summer months.

The brief was to create a house that was contemporary, but which still had the qualities of a family beach house. It had to be warm, casual and open, with comfortable open spaces.

It was to evoke the sense of a weathered beach shack, with an informality that belied its size. The finishes were to reflect the textures of the site, be very durable and easy to maintain. The house had to have the formality demanded by its size and location, but still to feel like you could happily leave your shoes at the door.