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Ben Wright is a Design Principal at Cadence & Co with over 18 years of professional experience. He has worked in high-end residential design throughout his career, dividing his time between private homes and landmark residential developments in both London and Sydney.

Combining original thinking with an enthusiasm for bold and imaginative design, Ben also places great importance on a thoughtful, analytical approach that seeks to establish the underlying ideas that define each project.

He is particularly interested in how deeper thinking about context and culture can give purpose and authenticity to residential space, and how design must ultimately and always be in the service of ‘the art of living’.

Originally from the UK, Ben holds both a B.A. in Fine Art and an M.A. in Interior & Spatial Design. Prior to his move to Sydney in 2019, he held a number of senior roles at leading London architecture and design studios and was a regular lecturer at three London Universities.

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