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Charlotte Park

Terrey HIlls


This house sits on a rolling hillside acreage looking across a vast native forest to the lights of Sydney beyond. The rolling site is reminiscent of the landscape of the Napa Valley and this became the reference for the styling of the house and its grounds.

The extensive landscaping features a bold and eclectic mix of Australian native plants with ancient olive trees and cascading rosemary, softened by an array of coastal flowering shrubs.

This sets the backdrop for the Napa Valley ranch style of the house, with its mix of oversized weathered timbers and stone, sprawling rooflines and large open fires. The layout is designed for generous family living, and takes in the vast native forest views, while opening onto the sun filled northern terrace and lawn.

The picturesque weathered timber chicken and herb garden pavilions complete this rugged, yet idyllic rural scene